Building a unified and patient centric ecosystem to fight cancer


Together, We Beat Cancer

Key components of our unified ecosystem

Who should connect with us ?
Doctors / Hospitals

Connect with us to digitally manage your consultations and patient’s medical records and also provide your patients access to advanced technology at an affordable cost.

Work with us to help us bring hope, joy and improved quality of care to cancer patients through community gathering and events.

Collaborate with us to learn from every patient’s experience and accelerate your cancer research using Real-World Evidence data.

Come, be a part of our unified ecosystem

Allied Care

Allied care is a formidable part of our strategy in supporting cancer patients. We strive to bring Hope and Joy for the patients through this initiative.

We have built a strong network of NGO’s, volunteers, onco-psychiatrist and onco-nutritionist to engage and support patients in improving their emotional, psychological and physical health during and post the treatment period.

Global Research

Research based on insights from REAL WORLD EVIDENCE (RWE) data is rapidly transitioning healthcare towards more personalised treatments with focus on outcomes and values.

Our technology enabled collaboration platform allows us to work with patients, oncologists, cancer researchers and other key stakeholders of the cancer research ecosystem. This in turn allows us to learn from every patient’s experience and apply those insights to accelerate research and develop solutions with potentially better clinical outcomes.


How smartly, responsibly and ethically we use technology will define the future of healthcare and personalised medicine and eventually lives of the patients.

We are bringing advanced technology like AI, Genomics and Data Science together which would lead to disruptive innovations for improvised and personalised care (medical and non-medical) for cancer patients

Clinical Care

Clinical care today is driven by advancement in technology thereby making it more personal and accessible. Clinicians can make quicker diagnosis and treatment plan if comprehensive patient medical information is easily accessible.

Our 4CARE App supports clinical care by allowing patients to securely manage, store and share their medical records to be easily accessed by their consulting doctors. 4Care App also allows better patient-doctor engagement by providing an option for a video / call consultation with easy appointment scheduling and payment options.